Horticultural Center at MCC


Outside of Horticultural Building MCCOpening in 2020, the Horticultural Center stands as a remarkable addition to the Masonic Care Community. We take great pride in offering such a distinctive facility to our residents, making it a unique amenity within the senior care community.

From Farm to Garden

Rooted in our historical legacy, which once boasted a working farm with two full cow barns, as well as horses, pigs, chickens, and crops, the Horticultural Center now serves as a hub for cultivating lettuce, herbs, and flowers. Additionally, it features a spacious community area, a dedicated learning classroom, and an outdoor patio. Repurposed from the former campus laundry building, the Horticultural Center underwent significant architectural enhancements to create this remarkable space. Now it’s enjoyed by both our residents and the children from our onsite Child Care Center and summer youth programs.

How We Grow

What sets the Horticultural Center apart is its utilization of aeroponics technology. Plants are cultivated in towers within an air and mist environment, completely devoid of soil. Through this innovative method, it produces thousands of healthy greens used in the kitchens at MCC and The Neighborhoods of Acacia Village to prepare resident meals. Adjacent to the aeroponics section of the Center is a traditional greenhouse where an assortment of flowers is grown, contributing to the creation of beautiful hanging baskets that adorn the MCC grounds. Additionally, we maintain outdoor gardening beds for cultivating tomatoes and peppers. Beyond simply enjoying the produce, residents relish the opportunity to get their hands dirty and actively participate in our planting and growing activities at the Horticultural Center.

Buzz Buzz

Another distinctive feature on the MCC campus is our honey bee program. We boast a dedicated outdoor “Bee Lodge” housing twelve active hives, made possible through generous donations from Masonic Lodges across New York State and additional supporters. Each year, we host educational activities at the Center focused on bees and their significance to the environment. Additionally, we hold an annual honey harvesting event, with invaluable support from volunteers who assist in bottling the most delicious honey for people to enjoy!

An Apple a DayChild picking apples at MCC

As part of our expanding activities, MCC is fortunate to have its very own apple orchard! Every fall, residents and children alike eagerly anticipate the trip to the orchard to pick apples for themselves and to share with their families. We grow multiple apple varieties in our orchard, yielding such a plentiful harvest that our staff can enjoy their own apples when we’re in peak season.

Cultivating Connections

The Horticultural Center is more than just a beautiful space; it’s a symbol of connection, growth, and sustainability. It fosters intergenerational connections, provides fresh, local produce for dining options, and serves as a platform for environmental education. The Center reminds us that life can blossom and flourish in any type of weather. The Horticultural Center is just one of many features that demonstrate the Masonic Care Community’s commitment to providing a unique and enriching environment for its residents and the wider community it serves.

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