Assisted Living or Adult Residential Care?

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Understanding Your Senior Living Options in Utica, NY

Retirement should be a time for enjoying the things in life that really matter.

When the parts of your life that used to be important start to become more of a chore, then you might be ready for a change in lifestyle. Maybe the stress and strain of home ownership has lost some of its charm because of the maintenance and stress. Or there are other major events in life creating a shift in your priorities. As you think about your future, you’ll be ready to review a number of senior living choices. Granted, the variety of those choices is going to seem daunting at first. However, there’s good news about this: in having so many choices your chances of finding an ideal living situation improves dramatically.

Here at Wiley Hall, we have a storied reputation for providing you with a wonderful senior living option, but there are others as well, like assisted living care.


What Does Wiley Hall Have in Common With Assisted Living Care?

The first thing you should know about these two options for senior living is that they have a number of things in common. In both instances, you’ll be well taken care of, both physically and emotionally.

Primarily, you will feel safe, you’ll get three meals a day, and have an array of choices for fun activities. Assisted living and Wiley Hall have an onsite physician and other medical options. Both Wiley Hall and assisted living facilities have social work services available. Each of these of these senior living options emphasizes the importance of  regular engagement with your family and friends. (Plus, you’ll make a host of new friends as you share activities and interests with each other.) Also, they each have transportation available, so that you can get to your medical appointments.

Wiley Hall provides the perfect mix of services and activities to address an individual’s moderate health care needs.

What Does the Adult Residential Care at Wiley Hall Have That’s Different From Assisted Living?

Adult residential communities, like Wiley Hall, are perfect for people who want to have all of the advantages of private living with the opportunity to engage in a community that is always actively working to enjoy life.

High quality housing and a beautifully maintained grounds, like the 400+ acres we have at Wiley Hall, is the perfect setting for engaging in outdoor activities or just lounging.

You can enjoy a game of bingo in the community room or take a walk on the grounds on your own. We strive for a balance between social engagement and solitary contemplation as a key part of emotional well-being and happiness. If you need to get out for a day (or take an extended vacation), it’s good to know that you can come and go as long as you please without worrying about losing your spot at the community. If you don’t want to hassle with a car, there are a variety of ways to get you where you want to go, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to medical appointments. You will still get help with some of your daily needs and activities, but it’s really based on your needs and wants.


What is Assisted Living and is It Going to Be Right for You?

Assisted living facilities offer a variety of services for seniors who need regular assistance with many of their daily activities: dressing, eating, showering, and other hygienic needs.

If you are struggling with these simple daily tasks, then entering an assisted living facility might be your best move. An assisted living facility will provide minor nursing assistance. You’ll have opportunities for more regularly scheduled activities and your ability to do things on your own will be determined by your stamina and health. You will be restricted in terms of how long you can be away from an assisted living facility; but they are Medicaid funded, if that’s one of your considerations. As you age, you may need more and more of the particular care that comes from an assisted living situation.

Wiley Hall in Utica, NY, is the Perfect Blend of Senior Services and Activities

Wiley Hall is located on 440 acres of beautiful, well-tended grounds for the enjoyment of our valued residents. We are an award-winning home for active seniors who really want to enjoy themselves in a community that is dedicated to their comfort and happiness. Give us a call for more information or for a tour of the campus.

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The Masonic Care Community is ready to help you find the living situation that fits your active lifestyle

We can help you better understand your choices when it comes to your adult residential living or assisted care. Call us at (315) 798-4993 to learn more about how we can help, or click the button below to fill out our convenient contact form. We look forward to speaking with you soon!