COVID-19 Updates

For all visitors, COVID-19 testing policies are in effect as per guidance by the New York State Department of Health, and proper mask usage and physical distancing must be maintained during visitation.

Please also note that the Great Lawn at the Masonic Care Community is not yet open for the season, and all visits should remain indoors at this time. We will send out an additional notification, along with any applicable guidance for outdoor visits as soon as the Great Lawn is officially open for the season.

While visitors are still permitted at MCC, we are informing you of the risk associated with visiting. The following is an update of positive COVID-19 cases for MCC:

5/24/2022 - 3 Employees - Health Pavilion

5/16/2022 -  2 Residents - Will extend Erie household precautions to 5/31. - Health Pavilion

5/25/2022 - 1 Employee  - Wiley Hall

5/26/2022 - 1 Resident - Wiley Hall

The following households remain on COVID-19 exposure precautions: Erie, and Saratoga



*Since the pandemic started, we have had 10 in-house resident-related COVID-19 deaths, and four residents deaths while hospitalized.

If you have any questions about visitation/off-site visitation please call:

Health Pavilion - (315) 798-4800

Wiley Hall - (315) 798-4847