Veterans Memorial Garden

Veteran's Memorial Garden

The Veterans Memorial Garden is on the beautiful grounds of the Masonic Care Community, just in front of Wiley Hall. We have designated this part of the campus for reflection, healing, and remembrance of the men and women who have served and currently serve in the various branches of the United States Armed Forces.

This Garden promises to be a special place for serenity and pride for both residents and visitors to our community. Learn more in our Veterans Memorial Garden Brochure about supporting this worthwhile project.

Personalized Brick Dedication: We have personalized bricks to give you or your group a chance to honor a specific veteran whose name you want to live on in remembrance. Access the Veterans Memorial Legacy Brick Form to submit your order for a permanent dedication brick.

Opportunities for You or Your Organization to Donate in Honor of Our Veterans

We have a number of opportunities for service organizations and individuals to contribute to the refinement and growth of this unique Veterans Memorial Garden:

The Veteran’s Gazebo: The centerpiece of the Garden this structure will be immediately noticed by visitors and residents of the community. It’ll provide a place for shelter and rest for our residents and guests.

Eagle Statue Foundation: We have a majestic eagle statue donated by the Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund and it needs a foundation. Donations for the foundation will provide a brick home for this noble symbol of freedom.

Memorial Benches: Honor a loved one, an event, or a fond memory with a dedicated bench at our Veteran’s Memorial Garden.

Planter Boxes: Another opportunity for a dedication that celebrates life with beautiful red, white, and blue landscaping carefully tended by our groundskeepers.

Armed Forces Sections: The Garden will have five sections to represent the branches of the U.S. Services:

  • U.S. Army Garden Area
  • U.S. Marine Garden Area
  • U.S. Navy Garden Area
  • U.S. Air Force Garden Area
  • U.S. Coast Guard Garden Area

This is an ideal way that you can honor a particular branch of the armed services that has meaning and significance to you.

Eagle statue
artist rendering of veteran garden

P.O.W./M.I.A. Empty Chair: This is a symbol in remembrance of those who gave everything for the sake of their country and cannot be here with us. These empty chairs are found all over United States, including The National Capitol, state capitols, town halls, and sports venues.

Contact Us

Or, for more information on making your charitable donation today, contact MCC's Development Office at 315-798-4768.

The most tragic consequences of war are loss of life and the maiming of body and spirit. The Veterans Memorial Garden is a historical legacy that honors the long-standing tradition of supporting our troops.