Employee of the Year

Employee of the year holding a certificate.

Congratulations to Corey Bennett

To COREY BENNETT, each person at the Masonic Care Community is important. And he treats everyone — staff, residents and residents’ families — like they are his family.

“Working for the Masonic Care Community is like working with family. My parents are older and the age of the residents that live here, so in many ways, I relate to them.”

It is for that reason, and so much more, that Corey has been honored as the 2022 Masonic Care Community Employee of the Year.

Corey contributes to the overall well-being of all of our residents’ quality of life, and creates a positive environment to work and live. Not only does Corey spend quality one-on-one time with the residents, but it is also his goal to make the residents smile. It is also a goal for Corey to take the time to assist fellow staff members to make their shifts as pleasant as possible.

It has often been said by resident family members how much Corey’s work is appreciated.

Thank you, Corey, for all you do for the Masonic Care Community, and congratulations on this very special honor and recognition!

“Corey is the best! He was in my mother’s wing when she was at MCC for six years. Aside from MCC, being a wonderful institution, one of the biggest things that made me feel comfortable with my mom being there and my being so far away, aside from all the employees, was Corey especially. I always knew that she was in good hands, especially when he was on his shift. My mother loved him and my mother didn’t like very many people They had a special relationship. She would give him such a hard time and he would give it right back to her, with a twinkle in his eye and a hidden smile. He was always smiling and always cheerful, and it was such a pleasure to see him every time I would visit. I actually felt sad if he wasn’t on his shift on any of my visits. He made my long trips from New York City every month a pleasure.

My partner loved him and my family loved him. We all knew from his interactions with my mom just the kind of person he is. Corey was on hands on the day that she passed. We got to spend one last day with my mom and we stayed on the premises that night. She passed early the next morning. He personally made the situation and the procedure that followed so heartfelt.

So congratulations Corey on a job well done you make it seem so easy and I know that it’s definitely not. MCC is very lucky to have someone like you because I know my mom and my family were.” – Jon Fijti